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I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest.

At the age of 14, I picked up my first film camera and fell absolutely in love with it.

Apart from one dark room class in high school, I am self taught. I started on

35 mm film in 1998, until I made the transition to digital 7 years ago. My professional career in photography started in 2011. Since then, I have shot everything from high end

weddings to documenting births to filming on horseback

in the steppes of Mongolia. 

 My lust for adventure and desire to explore the intricate beauty of this human existence and our relationship with the earth has pulled me to over 25 countries around the world. I am also a passionate herbalist and homestead a piece of land in the beautiful valleys of Southern Oregon.

I am drawn towards things that are close to the earth and revel in documenting

indigenous cultures, farm scapes and plants.

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